Health Benefits

Elderberries have been shown to have a whole host of beneficial properties. These small superfruits are the perfect natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory with a laundry list of uses:

  • Helps with Major Cold & Flu Relief
  • Sinus Infection Aid
  • May Lower Blood Sugar
  • Natural Diuretic
  • Natural Laxative
  • Helps Reduces Inflammation
  • Aids In Weight Loss
  • Can Encourage Healthy Skin
  • Helps Ease Allergies
  • May FightsCancer Cell Growth

Immune System

Elderberries are particularly rich in flavonoids, especially anthocyanins which are responsible for their deep purple (almost black) coloring. These powerful antioxidants work to keep the immune system strong and resilient. Dr Gerhard Rechkemmer is the President of Germany’s Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food. His research has shown that the anthocyanins in elderberries boost the production of cytokines (proteins that act as messengers within the immune system) thereby enhancing the body’s immune response. Cytokines play a crucial role in the immune system’s response to disease and work in ways very similar to hormones. They can be both inflammatory or anti-inflammatory depending on what is needed and are released by immune cells either directly into the blood stream or locally into body tissue during an immune response.
These tiny berries are also believed to contain antiviral agents– compounds so potent they are thought to deactivate viruses. Viruses are unable to multiply on their own and need to get inside a healthy cell to do so. They are cleverly coated with something called “haemagglutinin spikes” to help them pierce the cell wall. These viral spikes are also covered with enzymes which the virus uses to break down the cell wall. Elderberries have high concentrations of bioflavonoids which appear to inhibit the action of this enzyme, thus deactivating viruses and rendering them unable to pierce the cell wall and replicate.

Sinus Infections

Elderberry seems to help reduce swelling, fight inflammation, and boost the immune system. Studies have found that elderberry eases flu symptoms like fever, headache, sore throat, fatigue, cough, and body aches. A few studies have suggested that elderberry could help with bacterial sinus infections or bronchitis.

Cardiovascular Health

Studies have shown elderberry juice may reduce the level of fat in the blood and decrease cholesterol. In addition, a diet high in flavonoids like anthocyanins has been found to reduce the risk of heart disease. What’s more, elderberry can increase insulin secretion and improve blood sugar levels.